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"I'm With You(минус.)"Avril Lavigne04:06
"Swine (Hello Kitty)"Avril Lavigne Vs. Lady Gaga03:16
"Avril Lavigne - Nobody's Home"Аврил Лавин03:28
"Misery Business & When You're Gone"Paramore & Avril Lavigne03:42
"Sk8er Boi (live)"Avril Lavigne03:54
"Complicated"Avril Lavigne03:27
"Avril Lavigne What The Hell ( Remix 2)"Dj ZaYka05:52
"Girlfriend (Instrumental HQ)"Avril Lavigne18:41
"Nobody's Home (Live At The Tsunami Relief Benefit)"Avril Lavigne03:15
"Complicated (Live In Osaka, 31.01.2014)"Avril Lavigne04:36
"Wish You Were Here [Goodbye Lullaby 08/03/2011]"Avril Lavigne03:45
"Black Star★by Mask"★Avril Lavigne01:34
"Everything Back But You"06. Avril Lavigne03:03
"4 Real"Avril Lavigne ♥03:28
"I'm With You ("Avril Lavigne03:43
"Complicated (Demo)"Avril Lavigne04:15
"Hot 'n' Cold & Girlfriend"Katy Perry Feat. Avril Lavigne03:28
"Innocence (M2 Dubstep Rmx)"Avril Lavigne02:41
"I'm With You (Live At 2vLive)"Avril Lavigne04:40
"фонограмма к песне"Avril Lavigne03:55
"Move Your Little Self On"Avril Lavigne04:22
"I Am With You"Avril Lavigne03:45
"1) Blink-182 - What's My Age Again; 3)Fall Out Boy - Beat It; 4)Avril Lavigne - Girlfriend"Light Again13:20
"We Are Complicated (Mashup)"Taylor Swift & Avril Lavigne04:07
"Hey Jude, I'll Be There"The Beatles, Jackson Five Vs Green Day Avril Lavigne & Agnes03:59
"Keep Holding On"Avril Lavigne04:08
"01. Losing Grip"Avril Lavigne (Let Go 2002)03:53
"Hold It Against Hello Kitty"Avril Lavigne Vs. Britney Spears03:47
"Whip My Hair"Dave O'Connor MASH Of Willow Smith And Avril Lavigne03:20
"Tomorrow"Avril Lavigne03:46
"Skaterboy"Avril Lavigne03:24
"Kiss Me(OSTКухня 3 сезон)"Avril Lavigne03:25
"Everybody Hurts"Avril Lavigne03:42
"Goodbye (Instrumental)"Avril Lavigne04:10
"Making My Way Down Town"Avril Lavigne03:50
"Nobodys Home"Avril Lavigne03:32
"Hot"Avril Lavigne00:46
"Breakaway (Avril Lavigne Lyrics)"Kelly Clarkson03:57
"Hello Kity"Avril Lavigne03:17
"Sk8er Boy"[Avril Lavigne]03:22
"Things Ill Never Say"Avril Lavigne03:44
"Sk8erBoi"Avril Lavigne03:24
"Avril Lavigne - Give You What You Like"Хит Осени 201303:45
"Sk&er Boi"Avril Lavigne03:24
"16 You Never Satisfy Me"Avril Lavigne03:12
"Sk8er Boi (Live Acoustic Version)"Avril Lavigne03:38
"Complicated (DJ Solovey Remix) [16.02.2Q12] [16-02-2012] ► []"Avril Lavigne05:09
"Wish You Were Here (Lyrics&translate)"Avril Lavigne03:45
"Anything But Ordinady"Avril Lavigne04:12

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