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"The Awesome Song"Barney Stinson00:54
"Le Moulins De Mon Coeur"Barney Wilen02:38
"Peter Gunn Theme (Barney Stinson - Daddy's Home (Барни Стинсон - Папочка вернулся"The Blues Brothers03:48
"Fall Is Here"Barney And The Googles02:55
"I Love You"Barney01:03
"Belly Of The Sun"Barney Bentall05:34
"TRACK 01, Mixed By DJ Vinially & Woodcutter"01 RЭЙВ BY PROJECT BARNEY02:41
"Clarinet Lament (Barney's Concerto)"Barney Bigard03:14
"Paint It Black"Barney's Boogie Train (Versmold, Nordrhein-Westfalen, Germany)03:26
"Let It All Hang Out"Barney Pip02:15
"Barney Miller"Bobby Vega04:12
"Video Resume"Barney Stinson00:51
"Sunday Special"Barney Rachabane And The Sound Proofs05:06
"The Little Rhumba"Barney Kessel03:42
"A Boozehound Named Barney"The Simpsons01:41
"Barney Google"Andrews Sisters01:54
"A Silly Hat"Barney01:33
"Loopty Loo"Barney01:35
"Barney Hare"Neck01:43
"Drops His BEER"BARNEY00:09
"Summertime"Barney Kessel02:11
"Mick Quinn's, Only For Barney, The Mist-Covered Mountain (Jigs)"James Keane04:05
"Despot"Barney Khan05:54
"For The Longest Time"Barney And Ted (How I Met Your Mother) Feat. Ted And Barney00:34
"You Just Got Slapped"Marshall Ericsen Ft. Barney Stinson01:22
"Little Star"Barney Kessel04:30
"I Love You"Barney And Friends00:55
"Gin Palace"Barney Bentall04:50
"Rose Room 1945"Barney Bigard Quintet03:10
"Let It All Hang Out (Unreleased Acetate) Chicago, Ill 1965 [DEETHEWRITER TREASURES']"Barney Pip01:41
"TV Commercials"Barney Kessel02:19
"Steps Steps Up"Barney Bigard03:27
"Barney's Bounce"Zutty Singleton's Trio02:40
"A Boozehound Named Barney"The Simpsons01:55
"Jazz Epidural"Barney McAll03:23
"Barney Google"♫02:25
"Love For Sale"Barney Kessel02:32
"Track 02, Mixed By Dj Vinially (05.09.13) Только самые лучшие, свежие треки!!!"02 RЭЙВ BY PROJECT BARNEY, VOL.202:59
"Louisiana"Barney Kessel - To Swing Or Not To Swing (1955)03:57
"Hurry Arnold"Barney Kessel02:51
"Slapsgiving Song"Marshall Ericson And Barney01:20
"Corcovado (Quiet Nights)"Barney Kessel03:28
"Simple Song"Zebra (Barney Johnson)03:14
"I Love You"Barney Kessel - Soaring (1977)05:28
"008 08. Doin' Fine"Barney Bentall03:39
"TRACK 15, Mixed By DJ Vinially & Woodcutter"15 RЭЙВ BY PROJECT BARNEY03:43
"Mood Indigo (Ellington, Barney Bigard, Irving Mills)"Duke Ellington, Louis Armstrong03:15
"Slow Burn (1965 - Live In Los Angeles At P.J.'s Club)"Barney Kessel Trio08:19
"What A Difference A Day Made"Barney Kessel & Stephane Grappelli03:08

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