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"I See You (Theme From Avatar) (Cosmic Gate Remix)"James Horner Feat. Leona Lewis05:30
"For The Love Of A Princess(OST Braveheart)"James Horner04:07
"Pure Spirits Of The Forest (OST Avatar \ ОСТ Аватар)"James Horner08:50
"Jake's First Flight[Avatar OST]"Na'Vi07: James Horner04:50
"Becoming One Of 'The People' (OST Avatar)"James Horner07:43
"I See You(Avatar) [Cosmic Gare]"James Horner Ft Leona Lewis04:30
"I See You (Theme From Avatar) [Cosmic Gare Remix]"Armin Van Buuren-James Horner Feat Leona Lewis05:08
"James Horner - Long End P-U..."Avatar (Complete 5 CD) [CD III]01:23
"Heritage Of The Wolf (OST Balto 1995)"James Horner01:56
"Achilles Theme Variation II"James Horner (Троя)01:36
"I See You (There From Avatar)"James Horner04:15
"10. Of One Heart, Of One Mind"James Horner (Джеймс Хорнер)06:21
"Unable To Stay, Unwilling To Leave"OST Titanic - James Horner03:56
"Rose Piano (OST Titanic)"James Horner04:43
"Titanic - Rose (Piano)"James Horner04:43
"Take Her To Sea, Mr. Murdoch (OST Titanic) ⑲"James Horner04:30
"Epilogue/End Title (Star Trek II: The Wrath Of Khan OST)"James Horner08:43
"The Rocketeer"James Horner06:56
"Jack's First Flight"James Horner[Avatar OST, 2009]04:47
"6. James Horner - Climbing Up 'Iknimaya - The Stairway To Heaven'"OST Avatar03:18
"A Gift Of A Thistle (Brave Heart / Храброе Сердце)"James Horner01:37
"09 - James Horner Feat. Leona Lewis - I See You (Theme From Avatar) (Cosmic Gate Remix)"ASOT 450.1, GuestMix, Part 4 Cosmic Gate05:03
"Han’s Kung Fu (OST - Каратэ-пацан)"James Horner01:39
"Han's Kung Fu (OST The Karate Kid) ⑲"James Horner01:39
"James Horner - Balto Brings The Medicine!"Soundtrack к мультфильму "Балто"04:53
"Titanic Soundtrack(музыка из фильма "ТИТАНИК")"James Horner01:59
"Coming Home From The Sea OST Идеальный шторм"James Horner09:25
"The Shoot-Out"An American Tail 2: James Horner05:29
"Epilogue - The Deep And Timeless Sea"James Horner12:37
"Oscorp Tower [Ost The Amazing Spider-Man/Новый Человек-Паук]"18 - James Horner03:23
"I See You (Theme From Avatar)"James Horner04:15
"I See You"James Horner Ft Leona Lewis02:24
"Ripleys Rescue"James Horner03:18
"Becoming One Of The People-Becoming One With Neytiri"James Horner07:39
"09. James Horner - He Carves T"Гринч - Похититель Рождества (03:14
"My Heart Will Go On - OST Titanic (Прекрасное исполнение!)"James Horner05:22
"Apollo 13 Theme"James Horner06:59
"Le Plant Sambrero (Paso Doble, Spanish Tango OST Mask Of Zorro)"James Horner02:10
"4. Rose"James Horner02:52
"I See You (Theme From Avatar)(не полная версия)"James Horner Feat. Leona Lewi04:03
"A Gift Of A Thistle"James Horner (OST From Braveheart)01:38
"Achilles Leads The Myrmidons (Troy Original Motion Picture Soundtrack)"James Horner08:30
"Titanic - My Heart Will Go On (James Horner)"Various Artists04:25
"For The Love Of A Princess(bagpipe)"James Horner03:52
"The Lunchroom"(OST Каратэ-пацан) James Horner02:29
"Charging Fort Wagner (Glory 1989)"James Horner02:52
"An American Tail (FP 1999 - 2000)"James Horner05:10
"Achilles And Briseis Theme Variation IV"James Horner01:01
"Holcane Attack (к/ф "Апокалипсис")"James Horner09:25
"Stealing The Enterprise"James Horner08:35

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