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"Traveling Band (Live)"John Fogerty02:24
"Travelling High"John Fogerty03:15
"Down On The Corner (Live - 2005)"John Fogerty02:53
"Travelin' High"John Fogerty03:14
"Swing Blues No.1 (with John Fogerty)"Jerry Douglas03:34
"Flyin' Away"JOHN FOGERTY - John Fogerty (1975)04:19
"I See"John Fogerty02:15
"Mr. Greed"JOHN FOGERTY - Centerfield (1985)04:08
"Somewhere Listening (For My Name)"JOHN FOGERTY - The Blue Ridge Rangers (1973)02:41
"I Can't Help Myself"JOHN FOGERTY - Centerfield (1985)03:15
"Searchlight"JOHN FOGERTY - Centerfield (1985)04:31
"She's Got Baggage (Live)"John Fogerty03:18
"Rockin"John Fogerty03:19
"Centerfield( Side 2 )"John Fogerty17:09
"Tombstone Shadow"John Fogerty03:54
"Blue Ridge Mountain Blues"John Fogerty02:34
"Centerfield ( Side 1)"John Fogerty18:27
"Searchlight®®"JOHN FOGERTY - Centerfield 198504:33
"Leave My Woman Alone {Ray Charles Cover}"John Fogerty03:11
"Lookin Out My Backdoor (Lucca, Italy 26/07/09)"John Fogerty03:37
"California Blues (Blue Yodel # 4)"John Fogerty03:08
"Fortunate Son (OST Sons Of Anarchy)"Bruce Springsteen & John Fogerty03:08
"Dream Song"John Fogerty03:12
"Endless Sleep"JOHN FOGERTY - Blue Moon Swamp (1997)02:35
"Knockin' On Your Door"JOHN FOGERTY - Eye Of The Zombie (1986)04:18
"Searchlight- Centerfield (1985)"John Fogerty (Creedence Clearwater Revival)04:31
"Who'll Stop The Rain (Live, 2006)"John Fogerty03:02
"I Can't Help Myself - Centerfield (1985)"John Fogerty (Creedence Clearwater Revival)03:15
"Travelin"John Fogerty02:24
"Mr. Greed- Centerfield (1985)"John Fogerty (Creedence Clearwater Revival)04:08
"The_Old_Man_Down_The_Road"John Fogerty04:44
"Blue Boy"John Fogerty04:05
"Rockin' All Over The World - The Long Road Home In Concert (2006)"John Fogerty03:19
"06. Searchlight"JOHN FOGERTY - Centerfield (1985)04:33
"Swing Blues No.1 (feat. John Fogerty)"Jerry Douglas03:34
"Centerfield"John Fogerty02:58
"Rockin' All Over The World"John Fogerty03:19
"California Blues"John Fogerty03:10
"Endless Sleep"John Fogerty02:35
"Oh, Pretty Woman (Roy Orbison Cover)"John Fogerty02:55
"Wrote A Song For Everyone (FULL ALBUM, 2013)"John Fogerty56:10
"Sweet Hitch-Hiker"John Fogerty02:49
"Bad Moon Rising (With John Fogerty)"Jerry Lee Lewis02:19
"Run Through The Jungle Vs. John Fogerty The Old Man Down The Road (not Found)"CREEDENCE CLEARWATER REVIVAL03:08
"Searchlight"John Fogerty04:31
"Fortunate Son (Need For Speed: Жажда скоростиNeed For Speed )["Bruce Springsteen & John Fogerty03:08
"John Fogerty - Blue Moon Of Kentucky"Tribute To Elvis Presley03:05
"Fortunate Son (John Fogerty Instrumental Cover)"Lyle Workman & The Forest Rangers03:26
"I Can't Help Myself"John Fogerty03:15
"Fortunate Son (John Fogerty CCR)"Lyle Workman & The Forest Rangers03:26

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