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"Misty"Mike Oldfield04:00
"The Millennium Bell - 09. Liberation"Mike Oldfield02:38
"Prayer For The Earth"Mike Oldfield02:10
"Arrival"Mike Oldfield02:48
"Celtic Rain"Mike Oldfield(Voyager, 1996)04:41
"The Bell (single) - 02. The Bell (MC Viv Stanshall)"Mike Oldfield03:31
"Ascension (solo)"Mike Oldfield01:13
"Everytime We Touch"Mike Oldfield & Maggie Reilly - Best Rock Ballads04:01
"Heaven's Open (Single Version)"Mike Oldfield04:18
"Animus"Mike Oldfield03:09
"Music Of The Spheres (2008) - 06. Harbinger (Reprise)"Mike Oldfield01:31
"Amarok"Mike Oldfield01:00:02
"Guilty (Mike Oldfield & York Remix)"Mike Oldfield – Tubular Beats (2013)07:51
"Blue Peter / Portsmouth (Live)"Mike Oldfield03:53
"Aurora"Mike Oldfield03:42
"Pran's Theme 2"Mike Oldfield01:41
"Worksite"Mike Oldfield01:16
"Saqsaywaman And The Millennium - 13. Art In Heaven (bonus Track)"Mike Oldfield13:37
"Let There Be Light( Melissa Lauren)"Enigmatic - Mike Oldfield04:13
"Tres Lunas II - 16. Butterflies"Mike Oldfield03:04
"Angelique (Teknipolis Version)"♫ Mike Oldfield04:39
"Crisis"Mike Oldfield20:45
"Make Make"Mike Oldfield04:16
"North Star"Mike Oldfield41:49
"Tres Lunas (Album 2002)"Mike Oldfield58:19
"Tr3s Lunas - 03. Return To The Origin"Mike Oldfield04:38
"Into Wonderland"Mike Oldfield(Platinum, 1979)03:46
"The Other Side"Mike Oldfield01:28
"Punkadiddle"Mike Oldfield05:46
"13. The Shining Ones"Mike Oldfield - The Songs Of Distant Earth02:57
"Moonlight Shadow"Mike Oldfield (with Maggie Reilly)03:36
"Nuclear"Mike Oldfield05:03
"The Songs Of Distant Earth- 03. Supernova"Mike Oldfield03:23
"Empyrean"Mike Oldfield01:37
"Capture"Mike Oldfield02:21
"Conflict"Mike Oldfield02:49
"W"Mike Oldfield02:13
"QE2"Mike Oldfield07:38
"Moonlight Shadow (Original Long Version)"Mike Oldfield05:15
"Nuclea"Mike Oldfield05:04
"The Complete (1984) I"Mike Oldfield (HBSOUND)01:01:35
"Tubular Bells III"Mike Oldfield56:36
"Discovery - 08. The Lake (Instrumental)"Mike Oldfield11:45
"Sentinel (ред.)"Mike Oldfield04:28
"OST The Exorcist / Изгоняющий Дьявола (1973)"Mike Oldfield04:24
"Let There Be Light (Original Mix)"Mike Oldfield04:57
"Shadows On The Wall (Mike Oldfield Cover)"Arch Enemy03:03
"Magic Touch"Mike Oldfield - Islands (1987)03:33
"Mount Teidi"Mike Oldfield04:10
"Tubular Bells I (1973)"Mike Oldfield26:07

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