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"Annwyn, Beneath The Waves"Faith And The Muse06:22
"New Born (Paul Oakenfold's Perfecto Remix)"18 Muse05:28
"Black Hole Mike(remix)"Muse Supermassive03:17
"Muse (cover) Time Is Running Out"Intercept & Smugglers & Ermita04:02
"I Love You Bab"Muse02:07
"Hate This & I'll Love You (Live In BBC Radio 1 19-02-2001)"Muse04:57
"Feeling Good(muse Cover)"Welltiel03:32
"All For You"Muse03:03
"Sick Muse (Imij Dubstep Instrumental PSIXOZ Remix)"Metric02:31
"Starlight (Muse Cover)"Goblin04:09
"When We Were Dark"Faith And The Muse04:24
"Muscle Museum (Live)"Muse04:36
"Coca-Cola Ke M"Muse - Can't Tay Eyes Off You03:31
"Elyria (1994) - Epilogue: Twilight"Faith And The Muse02:26
"New Born"Muse My Demo00:59
"Falling Down (Muse Cover) Demo"Аnastasia Litvinova04:38
"Track02"The MUSES RAPT08:16
"Миус-3 (Водолiска)"55.Леонардо Feat. Muse33:37
"5. Megalomania (Hullabaloo CD-2 2002)"Muse04:38
"Creep (live)"Muse04:19
"Muse (Purple Stories Remix)"Markus Schulz Feat. Adina Butar04:47
"Time Is Running Out [H.A.A.R.P. Live]"Muse04:30
"Sick Muse (Imij Dubstep Remix)"[!i] Metric04:43
"Butterflies And Hurricanes (Piano Version)"✔ Muse04:40
"Sunburn (live The Barfly London 2000)"Muse05:07
"Бои без правил"Muse04:56
"Unintended (Muse Cover)"Stripes Halley03:47
"Knights Of Cydonia (Future Funk Squad Vs Muse Breaks Mix)"Muse08:28
"Showbiz (1 сезон 2 серия)"Muse05:16
"Time Is Running Out (Muse)"Melodores A Cappella03:50
"Fade Out"Thom Yorke поёт Muse04:18
"Supermassive Black Hole(TOUCH)"Muse03:30
"Hysteria"The Muse03:47
"Feeling Good"Muse03:19
"Supermassive Black Hole (Muse Cover)"Richard Cheese01:20
"I Love You Baby And If It's Quite All Right I Need You Baby To Warm The Lonely Night I Love You Baby Trust In Me When I Say ... **"Muse02:07
"Sunburn (Live Acoustic)"Muse04:05
"I Belong To You (Live At Casino De Paris)"Muse04:57
"Feeling Good(dubstep Remix)"Muse03:16
"Soul Soldier"Throwing Muses05:10
"Supermassive Black Hole (Live Admiralpalast)"Muse03:40
"The Muse (Chill Out Mix)"Brave06:14
"Super Massive Black Hole"Muse26:49
"Muse"Markus Schulz Feat. Adina Butar04:56
"Plug In Baby (Live Acoustic)"Muse03:18
"Paper Scraps"Nine Muses03:10
"And I Don’t Want You To Think That I Care- I Never Would. I Never Could. Again."Muse03:31
"Feeling Good"Muse02:39
"New Born (Paul Oakenfold's Perfecto Remix)"Muse07:02
"Sebastian"Where Is My Muse (24)04:38

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