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"Royals"Selena Gomez (Lorde Cover)03:11
"Whiplash (Stars Dance Tour Live)"Selena Gomez04:01
"Slow Down (Massive Dynamix Mash Up 2014)"Selena Gomez06:14
"Come & Get It (cover By Selena Gomez)"Daria Stiels03:53
"Slow Down Bingo (Pandoo & Isaev Mash-Up)"John Dahlback Vs.Selena Gomez05:45
"Love You Like A Love Song2011- Реалтоны-2010- Нарезки-2009- и-2008- Рингтоны"Selena Gomez & The00:32
"Magical"Selena Gomez02:54
"Love You Like A Love Song (DJ Reidiculous Electro Radio Edit)"Selena Gomez & The Scene03:39
"Love You Like A Love Song (DJ PradAA Remix)"Selena Gomez05:38
"Tribute To Britney Spears"Selena Gomez & The Scene03:50
"Who Says"Selena Gomez Ft. The Scene03:13
"Selena Gomez And The Scene - L"Selena Gomez And Th03:08
"Selena Gomez & The Scene - Spotlight"[1x01]03:31
"Just That Girl♪♫♪"Selena Gomez03:17
"Who Says (ft. Selena Gomez)"Taylor Swift03:05
"Who Says (live)"Selena Gomez & Taylor Swift03:05
"Hit The Lights"Selena Gomez & The Scene03:14
"Fly To Your Heart (Русская версия)"Selena Gomez02:44
"Uh, Guess I Did ItFinally I Get To Host The MA'sWowSeriously?Shut Your Face Who Else Could It Be?!Who Else Better Then Me To Be Hosting The Show?People Know Who"Selena Gomez01:23
"Un Año Sin Lluvia(A Year Without Rain - Spanish Version)"Selena Gomez & The Scene03:30
"I Dont Miss U At All(Serj Lomkian Soundslike Drum N Bass Remix)"Selena Gomez04:26
"Come & Get It (cover, Song By Selena Gomez)"Alex Memorize03:52
"Slow Down(Echo)"Selena Gomez03:33
"Tell Me Somthing I Dont Know"Selena Gomez - Kiss And Tell MUSIC2MUSIC2.ORG02:55
"Intuition (Featuring Eric Bellinger)"Selena Gomez & The Scene02:58
"Hit The Light"Selena Gomez And The Scene03:14
"Magic (Pilot)"Selena Gomez02:49
"Love You Like A Love Song (русский перевод)"Selena Gomez & The Scene03:04
"Selena Gomez & The Scene - Who Says (Audio)"Невiдомий03:14
"Love You Like A Love Song (David Aude Club Remix)"Selena Gomez & The Scene06:27
"Live Like Theres No Tomorrow"Selena Gomez & The Scene04:08
"Love You Like A Love Song (Stas Rich Remix)"Selena Gomez & The Scene00:32
"If Cupid Had A Heart"Selena Gomez & The Scene03:25
"New Classic (LV)"Drew Seeley & Selena Gomez03:18
"Love You Like A Love Song (Selena Gomez Cover Acapella, Fragment)"Hasmik Asatrian00:34
"Beat"Selena Gomez03:04
"Who Says"F_vk ♫Selena Gomez & The Scene03:13
"Call Me Maybe (Young Diamond Remix)"Selena Gomez06:36
"Music Feels Better |OPM (c)"Selena Gomez03:11
"Love You Like A Love Song (Selena Gomez Cover)("I ❤ Music Sami03:53
"Selena Gomez - Take This Chance NEW SONG 2010"Неизвестен01:49
"Selena Gomez - Selena Gomez On The O Show ("Мария Герасимова02:10
"Love You Like A Love Song (Минусовка)"Selena Gomez & Dj Саньок03:07
"A Year Without Rain(Remix)"Selena Gomez03:58
"Everything Is Changed"Selena Gomez & The Scene-Off The Chain04:03
"When You Ready Come And Get It"Selena Gomez03:50
"Selena Gomez (dena).mp4"Love You Like A Love Song Cov04:59
"Without Your Love (Snippets)"Jessie J Feat. Selena Gomez00:30
"Off The Chain"Selena Gomez & The Scence04:03

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