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"Her Name Is Alice [feat. Shinedown]"Johnny Depp - From The "Alice In Wonderland" Soundtrack03:50
"Diamond Eyes (OST The Expendables)"Shinedown05:36
"Seasons"Brent Smith Of Shinedown Feat. One Less Reason03:45
"I Feel The Earth Move (From The Warner Sound Live Room Sessions) (Carole King Cover)"Shinedown03:05
"Unity (remix)"Shinedown Feat Matisse And Sadko04:24
"Her Name Is Alice (Alice:Madness Returns OST 2011"Shinedown03:50
"Simple Man"Shinedown05:21
"If You Only Knew"Shinedown03:46
"45 (Acoustic Version)"Shinedown04:34
"Not Strong Enough (feat. Brent Smith Of Shinedown)"Apocalyptica03:35
"Call Me A Sinner, Call Me A Saint, Tell Me It's Over I'll Still Love You The Same. Call Me Your Favorite, Call Me The Worst, Tell Me It's Over I Don't Wan't You"Shinedown03:43
"Unity (Matisse & Sadko Rmx)"Shinedown03:54
"Diamond Eyes (Boom-Lay Boom-Lay Boom) [OST The Expendables] 2010"Shinedown05:36
"Sounds Of Madness"Shinedown03:54
"Nutshell"Seether/Shinedown W04:07
"Not Strong Enough"Apocalyptica Feat. Brent Smith Of Shinedown03:35
"45 Lyrics"Shinedown04:09
"She Talks To Angels (Shinedown)"Smith & Myers05:04
"Our Miracle"Shinedown03:50
"Rac Me For My Eyeses"Shinedown03:32
"Ill Follow You"Shinedown03:58
"Call Me"Shinedown03:43
"Save Me"Shinedown03:32
"08 - Miracle"Shinedown - Amaryllis03:39
"Call Me ( )"Shinedown03:43
"Through The Ghost (2012 - Amaryllis)"Shinedown03:59
"Heroes ©2005 [#4 US Main]"Shinedown03:24
"Enemies (2012 - Amaryllis)"Shinedown03:06
"Sound Of Madness [Acoustic (Live) ]"Shinedown04:08
"Diamond Eyes (Boo-Lay Boom-Lay Boom) [Live From Washington State]"Shinedown05:44
"Unity (Matisse & Sadko Remix) Tiesto - Club Life 276 (15.07.2012)"Shinedown06:36
"Tell My Mother"Shinedown03:40
"Sound Of Madness (formula 1 Grand Prix)"Shinedown03:54
"Bully (Single' 2012)"► Shinedown04:05
"Diamond Eyes - песня из фильма Неудержимые 2010"Shinedown05:36
"Call Me ©2008"Shinedown03:43
"Bully (NHL 2013)"Shinedown04:05
"Sexual Hallucination (Feat. Brent Smith Of Shinedown)"In This Moment06:20
"Runaway Train"Shinedown (Smith & Myers)03:24
"When You Are Going Down I Follow You. You Drag Me Down With You I’m Care, To Lie, To Leave My Life For A Lullaby. That You Have Made For Me To Sing/"Shinedown04:21
"Simple Man [Rock Version] [Lynyrd Skynyrd Cover]"Shinedown03:52
"Devour (OST The Final Destination 4)"Shinedown03:50

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