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"You Can Depend On Me (Live At Pasadena) (1951) *"Louis Armstrong & His All Stars Band04:05
"Beale Street Blues (1954)"Louis Armstrong & His All Stars Band05:02
"5. Откровенная (2012)"The Apuxtin Stars Band00:53
"Thiely"Star Band De Dakar07:34
"I Wish I Could Shimmy Like My Sister Kate!"Bud Freeman (ts), Ed Hall (cl), Peanuts Hucko (cl), J.C.Higginbotham (tb), Jo Jones (dr) & All Stars Band (1964)02:18
"5.Mandala (2011)"THe Apuxtin Stars Band01:36
"I'll Follow The Sun"Smooth Sax All Star Band04:03
"Track 6"All Star Band05:10
"Sn-Gambia"Star Band De Dakar05:55
"Трагедия русской женщины"Old Star Band04:53
"Колбаса ливерная. Интро"11À All-Stars Band01:02
"MathHat (drums+guitar Demo)"Dallas StArs (band) Trash Phone Rec02:56
"Just My Imagination (Charmed 2x05 OST - Guest Starring Band)"The Cranberries03:13
"BiG Boss"AkA Mr.Gold Star AJ Feat Gold Star Band Feat Steve Mayers04:17
"Ain't Misbehavin'"Louis Armstrong And His All Star Band04:37
"Imagine"Smooth Sax All Star Band04:24
"Sala Bigue"Star Band De Dakar05:15
"Teaser_1_03 (preview)"Dallas Stars Band01:01
"You Can't Stand Too Tall"Compassion All Star Band04:08
"Black And Blue"Louis Armstrong And His All Star Band04:35
"Maina"Mario Ortiz Jr. All Star Band03:59
"Theme From 2001"Hoctor All Star Band01:38
"Motorbreath"Dallas Stars (band)04:11
"Feso Jaiye"Sahara All Stars Band Jos04:09
"El Soplo"Mario Ortiz All Star Band04:05
"I Wanna Be Your Man"Smooth Sax All Star Band04:48
"Не сходи с ума (new Version)♥"♥Black Star Band04:06
"A Quitarse"Mario Ortiz All Star Band04:09
"Just You, Just Me (Live At Pasadena) (1951) *"Louis Armstrong & His All Stars Band06:20
"Fantastic, That's You (1968)"Louis Armstrong & His All Stars Band02:57
"Cheri Coco"Star Band De Dakar06:46
"Malaguena"Mario Ortiz All Star Band04:34
"BiG BO$$ (Prod. By Aleks Jackman Production & Gold Star Inc.)"Aleks Jackman Feat Gold Star Band Feat Steve Mayers04:17
"Rumberito"Mario Ortiz All Star Band03:14
"Просто не парься будь лысым"Black Star Band03:50
"Евровиденье (all Stars Band, Ex CWT)."No Tears02:20
"Star Dust (Live At Pasadena) (1951) *"Louis Armstrong & His All Stars Band03:32
"Introduccion"Mario Ortiz All Star Band04:01
"Where Is My Mind? ( The Pixies Cover )"A'Stars Band02:40
"Breed (Charmed 3x04 OST - Special Guest Starring Band)"Snake River Conspiracy04:30
"Ain't Misbehavin' (1955)"Louis Armstrong & His All Stars Band04:37
"Ódiame/Hable Con Un Niño"Mario Ortiz All Star Band04:10
"Мотоцикл (COVER Король и Шут LIVE)"All Stars Band02:41
"Паразиты (New)"Old Star Band04:18
"Find Your Way Back Home (Charmed 2x04 OST - Guest Starring Band)"Dishwalla04:03
"Лавстори Part 3"11À All-Stars Band01:17
"Move"Mario Ortiz All Star Band04:06
"One After 909"Old Star Band (Гусев Сергей, Радьков Александр)02:55
"Broadway (Charmed 2x19 OST - Guest Starring Band)"Goo Goo Dolls03:58
"All You Need Is Love"Smooth Sax All Star Band04:48

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