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"Bryan Adams, Rod Stewart, Sting -All For Love"Bryan Adams, Rod Stewart, Sting04:45
"Catch Tomorrow"Afrojack Feet. Sting03:08
"I'll Be Watching You (Live)"Sting & Puff Daddy03:43
"Без назви"Sting - Englishman In New York (BunHeaD Bootleg)☆☆MANIAslovakia☆05:50
"Turn You On (Sting In The Tail 2010)"Scorpions04:25
"It's Probably Me (1993)"Sting, Eric Clapton04:27
"Fragile - Live 60th Birthday NY"Sting And Stevie Wonder-by Roksana...♥04:19
"We'll Be Together"Sting Feat. Annie Lennox03:53
"Shape Of My Heart"Maks Lenтяй Ft Sting04:01
"All Four Seasons"Sting04:26
"Sting - You Will Be My Ain True Love"03:44
"Rise And Fal"Boom™♫ Craig David Ft. Sting04:46
"Shape Of My Heart Vs. Take Him Back"Gold Rus Production*888* Feat Sugababes & Monica Ft. Sting & Craig David08:56
"Shape Of My Heart (Without Voice Sax. Version)"Sting03:51
"Sting - Desert Rose"Dj Natasha Baccardi03:13
"Shape Of My Heart (saxophone- Piano- Guitar)"Sting03:51
"Fragile (португальский)"Sting03:51
"Гулєй! (thanx To Sting)"Перкалаба02:19
"Beautiful Monster (Sting And Ne-Yo Cover)"District302:05
"Rise & Fall"Craig David Ft. Sting04:47
"I'm Leaving You"Scorpions 1984Love At First Sting04:17
"A Touch Of Velvet A Sting Of Brass(Original Extended Mix)"BerlinNYC05:18
"05 The Same Thrill"Scorpions 1984 Love At First Sting03:33
"Fragile (Cafe Buddha Del Mar Bar Mix As Made Famous By Sting)"☆ BROTHER CAPPUCCINO ☆04:58
"Dead Man's Boots/And Yet"Sting07:22
"When We Dance"O&M~ Sting05:59
"More Love..."~s~ Sting04:18
"Rise&Fail"Craig David Feat Sting03:31
"Fragilidad (Spanish Version)"Sting03:51
"Claustrophobic Sting"The Prodigy [1994_Music_For_The_Jilted_Generation]07:12
"Mad About You (Trelos Gia Sena) (Tuesday)"Sting & George Dalaras03:42
"1. The Lazarus Heart"Sting (...Nothing Like The Sun / 1987)04:35
"Без названия"Dj Krip & Dj Sting (KIS PROJECT)03:04
"Doctor Who - Sting Of The Zygons - CD 1 Part16"Reggie Yates03:28
"Pushing Me Away (Sting)"Linkin Park03:08
"Shape Of My Heart (Dj Glabasha 2011 Remix) Добавляй 110-739 Башкортостанчат Башкортостан чат IIO -7З9 БАШКОРТОСТАН ЧАТ ICQ:91111251"Sting07:11
"променял"Mace Sting01:51
"Рояль и саксофон"1 Sting03:51
"Every Breath You Take"Sting00:42
"Every Brith You Take (Aviell Remix)"Sting04:13
"O Ancient World Arise (STING Edit)"Lights Out Asia05:11
"If You Love Somebody Set Them Free"Sting04:12
"The Holy Hall Sting"The Deadly Slumber04:57
"Sting Me (ver 2)"COLD04:48
"All For Love"Bryan Adams, Sting & Rod Stewart04:40
"Sea Dreamer (Radio Mix)"Anoushka Shankar And Karsh Kale Feat Sting04:10

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